Mar 27, 2017

Large Selection

Chairs from $10-$100
Desks from $75-$1000
Metal Files from $20-$175

April 24, 2017

 Wood L-Shaped Desk
 Hon 5Ft Desk
 Display Cases
 Register Desk
 Wood Desk and Matching Computer Credenza
 Floor Mats

April 20, 2017
 Wood L-Shaped desk(SOLD)
 Matching 2 Drs Lateral File
 L-Shaped Desk with Short Return
 Aspen Homes Cabinets
 4Drs. Letter Files (7 like these)
 8Ft. Conference Table

April 18, 2017
Dunbar 5Ft Round Table
 Kimball Bookcases
 Wood Storage Cabinet
 Wardrobe Cabinets
 5Drs Vertical Files
 Kimball Side Chairs (4 like these)
 Kimball Guest Chairs (16 like these)
 High Back Black Desk Chairs
 Small Wood Storage Cabinets
 Ornamental Plants
 Kimball Side Chairs
 Small Computer Table
 4 Leather Club Chairs

 SteelCase Side Chairs (4 like these)
 Dunbar Side Chairs
 Extendable Wood Table

 Stacking Chairs

 Work Table with Hutch and Matching Filing Cabinet and Computer Cabinet
 Round Table
 6Ft Conference Table
5Drs SteelCase Lateral File

April 7, 2017
 Leather Club Chairs and Glass End Table (SOLD)
 U-Shaped Desk with Hutch (2 like this - $550ea)
 End Table
 Dunbar Wood 3 Drs Lateral File
 2Drs. Lateral File
 Hon 2Drs Legal File
 Dunbar Club Chair (SOLD)

April 6, 20 17
Black Leather Club Chairs (SOLD)
 Dunbar Club Chair (8 like these)SOLD
 Dunbar Side chairs
 Haworth Leather Desk Chair (4 like this)
 Kimball Side Chairs (200 like these)
 Dunbar Side Chairs(SOLD)
 Hon 4Drs Letter Files(SOLD)
 Parson Chairs
 End Table
Beautiful Wood Executive Desk(SOLD)
 Swivel Chairs(SOLD)

March 27, 2017
 6Ft Wood D.P. Desk(SOLD)
 Mid-Century Design Wood Credenza
 7Ft Wood Bookcase
 6 Black Stacking Chairs(SOLD)
 Wood Executive Desk and Matching Credenza
L-Shaped Desk(SOLD)

March 18, 2017
 Artificial Plants
 Computer Desk(SOLD)
 Small Wood Table(SOLD)
 U-Shaped Desk(SOLD)
 Desk Chair

March 9, 2017
 8Ft Race Track Conference Table (SOLD)
 B.B. Chairs (SOLD)
 Bookcase with Storage(SOLD)
Two 48"wide x 84"tall x 18" deep Bookcases (SOLD)
 2Drs Lateral File
 Side Chairs
 Mesh Back Chair
 Bar Stools(SOLD)
 Mesh Back Desk Chair (SOLD)
 Hon Side Chairs (3 like these)
March 8, 2017
 Wheel of Fortune Game(SOLD)
 Guest Chair
 Art Work
 Bar Stools (SOLD)
 Club chairs(SOLD)
 4Ft Round Table (SOLD)
 Side chairs ($45ea)
 Desk chairs(SOLD)
 2Drs Kimball Lateral File (SOLD)
 Long Back U-Shaped Desk
 35 Armless chairs ($10ea)

March 7, 2017
 Wood Executive Desk Credenza Set
 Mail Organizer(SOLD)
 5Drs Hon Lateral File (SOLD)
 Small Safe with Key and Lock Combination (SOLD)
 Hon 2Drs Lateral File
 Round 5Ft Tables
 Vintage Wood Desk (SOLD)
 L-Shaped Desk (SOLD)
Computer Credenza with Hutch (SOLD)
 Stacking Chairs (SOLD)

March 1, 2017

 Jasper Desk and Matching Credenza
 66" x 30" Desk (SOLD)
 Bookcase with 2Drs Storage (SOLD)
 BB Chairs(SOLD)
 Computer Credenza(SOLD)
 Breakroom Chairs(SOLD)
 Matching Desk Credenza and Hutch
 Shredder (SOLD)
 Computer Table(SOLD)
 6Ft. L-Shaped desk(SOLD)

February 22, 2017

 Paoli U-Shaped desk(SOLD)
 Beautiful 6Ft desk(SOLD)
 6Ft Double Pedestal Desk (SOLD)
 Leather Top Desk (SOLD)

 Desk Organizers

February 14, 2017

 8 Ft Conference Table(SOLD)
 11'8" Marble Conference Table ($500)

6Ft Round Table (SOLD)

 8Ft Conference Table (SOLD)

February 13, 2017
 Side Chairs
 Work Table(SOLD)
 L-Shaped Desk(SOLD)
 Wing Back Chairs(SOLD)
 Round Conference Tables
 Jasper Double Pedestal Desk (SOLD)
 Goose-neck Side Chairs (SOLD)
Wood Desk+Credenza Set
 Wood Table
Computer Desk with Hutch(SOLD)
 2Drs Legal File

February 7, 2017
 Wood Frame Conference Chairs (SOLD)
 BB Rolling Side/Conference Chairs(SOLD)
 Round Conference Table (SOLD)

February 4, 2017
 Wood Side Chairs
 Wood U-Shaped Desk with Hutch(SOLD)
 L-Shaped Desks(SOLD)

 Rolling White Board/Bulletin Board(SOLD)
 Computer Credenza with Hutch(SOLD)
 Corner Computer Credenza with Hutches(SOLD)
 National Buffet
 Side Chairs (8 like these)
 Club Chairs
 Square Wood Table (SOLD)
 Binding Machine
 Wood Storage/Filing Cabinets
 Side Chairs
 Stacking Chairs
 4Ft Round Table(SOLD)
 Folding Tables

January 25, 2017
 1x5Ft,1x4Ft,1x6Ft  Hon Training Tables(SOLD)
 SteelCase leather Desk Chair (SOLD)
 L-Shaped Desk(SOLD)
 Pub Table and Stool(SOLD)
Wood Entertainment Cabinet(SOLD)
Side Chairs (8 like these)

January 20, 2017
 Solid Wood Executive Desk
 Leather Conference Chairs
 Desk and Credenza Set
 Kimball Wood Executive Desk (SOLD)
 5Ft Desk with Hutch (SOLD)
 Hon 4Drs Letter Files
 48" Single Pedestal Desk (SOLD)

January 16, 2017
 Hon Side Chairs (SOLD)
 Side Chairs
 10Ft Conference Table
 Computer Armoire(SOLD)
 Teacher's Desk(SOLD)
 U-Shaped Desk
 Wood Work Table(SOLD)
 Pottery Barn Desk and Side Storage Cabinets with Hutches(SOLD)
 Gunlocke Chairs(SOLD)
 Small Bookcases(SOLD)
 12Ft Conference Table

January 4, 2017

Round Tables 
Traditional High Back Side Chair
 Metal Shelving(SOLD)
 La-Z-Boy Chairs(SOLD)
 Double Pedestal Desk(SOLD)
 Small Wood 2Drs Letter Size File(SOLD)
 Metal Storage/Filing Cabinet(SOLD)
 4Drs Legal and Letter Files
 Wood Storage/Filing Cabinet(SOLD)
 3Drs Rolling Files(SOLD)
Artificial Tree(SOLD)