Apr 8, 2015

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April 30, 2015

 Wood Credenza
 Desk Chair
 National Desk and Matching Credenza
 Desk (SOLD)
 Paper Cutter (SOLD)
 Side Chairs (SOLD)
 Glass Computer Tables

 Side Chairs

  2Drs Lateral Files
 Free Standing Panels (11 like these)
 2Dr. Lateral Files
 Wood Executive Desk and Credenza
 Work Table
 Storage/Filing Cabinet
 Computer Credenza
 6Ft Conference Table (SOLD)
Laser Fax Machines

April 23, 2015

Kimball Guest Chairs ( 4 like these)
 Side Chairs
 Wood 2Drs. Lateral File
 Desks with Hutches
 Wood L-Shaped Desk
 6Ft. Conference Table
 Solid Wood Vintage Desk
 Glass Top End Table (SOLD)
$100 Desks
 6Ft Desk
 Mail Organizers (SOLD)
 Side Chairs (SOLD)
 White Board (SOLD)
 Small Desk
 2Drs Letter Size Files
 6Ft. Credenza
 6Ft. Kimball Desk
 Solid Wood Desk

April 20, 2015
 4Ft. Wood Conference Table
 Wood Bookcase with storage(2 like this)
 Small Wood Vintage Desk (SOLD)
 Executive Chair
 Desk and Credenza Set
 6Ft Desks
 Paoli Credenza (SOLD)
 Paoli L-Shaped Desk
 Wood L-Shaped Desk
 Beautiful Vintage Wood Vanity
 Steelcase Storage/Filing Cabinet
 Storage Cabinet
 2Drs. Wood File with Hutch(SOLD)
 Wood Kitchen Chairs (SOLD)

April 8, 2015
 2Drs. Wood Lateral Files
 Wood Small Computer Table (SOLD)
 L-Shaped Desk (SOLD)
 Paoli Credenza
 Work Table (SOLD)
 Small Computer/Work Table
 5Ft. Desk(SOLD)
 Wood Buffet
 Round Conference Table (SOLD)
 Bookcase (SOLD)
 Storage Credenza(SOLD)
 U-Shaped Desk and Matching 2 Drs. Lateral File
 6Ft. Bookcase(SOLD)
B.B. Guest Chair

Desks, Chairs, Conference Tables and more

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