Dec 12, 2015

Happy Holidays!

Dec. 16, 2015
 Wood End Tables
 Letter Size Hanging Folders
 2Drs SteelCase Lateral File
 4Drs. (36" & 42") SteelCase Lateral Files
 Stacking Chairs (SOLD)
 Multimedia Stand
 Rolling Lectern(SOLD)
 Hon Side Chairs (SOLD)
 Student Desk (50 like this)
 Traditional Wood L-Shaped Desk(SOLD)
 Credenza with Hutch(SOLD)

Dec. 12, 2015
 Small U-Shaped Desk(SOLD)
 Wood Work Table
 Stacking Chairs (SOLD)
 Club Chair with Tray(SOLD)
 10Ft Magnetic White Board (SOLD)
 Typing Table(SOLD)
 2Drs Metal Lateral Files
 2Drs Wood Lateral Files
 Wood Bookcases
 Leather Executive Chair(SOLD)
 Storage/Filing Cabinet
 Side Chairs(SOLD)
 Side Chairs
 Single Pedestal Desk
 Work Table and Matching Credenza

Oct 9, 2015

Large Donations Received

November 27, 2015
 Traditional Desk and Matching Credenza(SOLD)
 Black Side Chair (SOLD)
2Drs. Wood Lateral Files
 Computer Credenza(SOLD)
 Side Chairs (8 like these)
 Executive U-Shaped Desk
 Knee Space Credenza(SOLD)
 Guest Chairs
 Guest Chairs
 l_shaped Desks (SOLD)
 Credenza (SOLD)
 Side Chairs (SOLD)
 Wood Sofa Table
 Artificial Plant
 4 Drs Lateral Files
 3Drs. Lateral File (SOLD)

November 18, 2015
 Small Wood Desk(SOLD)
 Executive Desk with Leather Top (SOLD)
 6'X6' Reception Desk (SOLD)
 Side Chairs
 Solid Wood Desk (SOLD)
 Writing Table (SOLD)
 Wood Traditional Desks
 6Ft Work Table (SOLD)
 SteelCase Side Chairs ($50-50% =$25ea)
 Entertainment Credenza (SOLD)
 7Ft Wood Executive Desk
 Computer Armoire
 2Drs Lateral Files
SteelCase Side Chairs

November 9, 2015
 National L-Shaped Desk (SOLD)
 Wood Library Table(SOLD)
 5Drs 42'wide Lateral File with Double Locking Bars (SOLD)
 30"wide 4Drs Lateral File(SOLD)
 2Drs. Letter File (SOLD)
 Small Leather Top Desk(SOLD)
 Knoll Desk Chairs(6 like this)
 2Drs. Lateral File (SOLD)
 Small 3Drs. Rolling Cabinet(SOLD)
 Desk Chair

November 3, 2015
 Desk Chairs (SOLD)
 Wood Writing Table (SOLD)
Side Chairs ($25ea after 50% off)
 Computer Tables(SOLD)
 2Drs Lateral File
 B B Chairs(SOLD)
 Tub Files(SOLD)
 Wood Desk and Matching Credenza(SOLD)
 5Ft Desk (SOLD)
 Artificial plants (several)
 4Ft Desk(SOLD)
 Desk, Credenza and Matching Bookcase(SOLD)
  2Drs. Wood Traditional File (SOLD)
 Wood Traditional Credenza
 4Ft. National Round Table
 2Drs Lateral files
Small Stand(SOLD)

October 28, 2015

 Wood Credenza(SOLD)
 Hon 4Drs. Letter Files
 Mid-Century Design Guest Chairs (SOLD)
 National U-Shaped Desk
 2Drs. Lateral File
 Side Chairs(SOLD)
 Mid-Century Cabinet (SOLD)
October 16, 2015
 Side Chairs (SOLD)
 L-Shaped Desk (SOLD)
 Traditional Lth Sofa (SOLD)
Beautiful 10Ft Wood Conference Table(SOLD)
 Side Chairs (SOLD)
 Small Desk with Hutch (SOLD)
Wood 2Drs Lateral Files(SOLD)

October 9, 2015
 2 Drs. Lateral File
Hon 4Drs Letter Filing Cabinet(SOLD)
 Bookcases (SOLD)
 TV Credenza (SOLD)
 6Ftx3Ft Desk and Matching Credenza
 5Ft Double Pedestal Desk
 Computer Desk (SOLD)
 Side Chairs (SOLD)
 Wood Executive Desk and Credenza with Hutch(SOLD)
 Wood Executive Desk
 Small Square Rolling Table (SOLD)
 4Ft Round Table (SOLD)
 Herman Miller 6Ft. Oval Table (SOLD)
Beautiful Wood Desk(SOLD)
 Lamps (SOLD)

Desks, Chairs, Conference Tables and more

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