May 3, 2017

New Inventory Arriving Daily

August 31, 2017
 Side Chairs (20 like these)
 Side Chairs on Rollers (50 like these)
 Mid Century Hon Chairs

August 29, 2017
 2Drs. Lateral File
 4Drs Hon Lateral File

August 28, 2017

 6Ft Table and 6 Chairs
 D Table (5 like this)
 Rolling Credenza
 Side Chair (9 like this)
6Ft Credenza
 Mail Organizer(SOLD)
 6Ft Credenza

August 22, 2017
 Bar Stools
 Small Work/Computer Table(SOLD)
 8Ft Wood Table
 Wood Rustic Sideboards
 Wood Traditional Style L-Shaped Desk(SOLD)
 L-Shaped Desk(SOLD)

August 17, 2017
 Artificial Plant
Wood L-Shaped Desk(SOLD)
2Drs Lateral Files(SOLD)
 Storage Cabinet(SOLD)
 Computer Credenza(SOLD)
 Traditional Wood Desk
 Wing Back Chairs ($80ea)
 Desk Chairs
 End Table
August 2, 2017
 Computer Table(SOLD)
 Folding Chairs (SOLD)
 Letter Size Filing Cabinet
 Left Return Hon L-Shaped Desk(SOLD)
 Storage Cabinet(SOLD)
 Metal Bookcase(SOLD)

July 31, 2017
 High Back Desk Chair(SOLD)
 Enclosed White Board(SOLD)
 Steelcase 2Drs Lateral File with Storage(SOLD)
 Accent Table(SOLD)
 6Ft White Board(SOLD)
 Coffee Table(SOLD)
Square 36" Table (leg included)
July 28, 2017

 Brand New Mesh Back EcoLeather Seat Chair (17 like this)

OFS 42" Round Table (SOLD)
 Small End Table(SOLD)
 Vanity Benches (SOLD)
 Side Chair
 Patio Chairs(SOLD)
 Stacking Chairs(SOLD)
 48" Round Table
6Ft Conference Table(SOLD)
 8Ft Conference Table
 42" Round Table
 2Drs Lateral File(SOLD)

July 26, 2017
Side Chairs
 6Ft Credenza(SOLD)
 Wood Work Table
 End Tables
 Wood Storage Cabinets(One Left)
 5Drs. Legal Files
 Paoli 6Ft Credenza
 5Ft Desk(SOLD)
 Hon Single Pedestal Credenza(SOLD)
 Beautiful Wood Coffee Table(SOLD)
 Side Chairs
 Stool(2 like this) (SOLD)
 Corner Computer Desk with Storage
 Wood Traditional Credenza
 Like New Drafting Table(SOLD)
 Wood Buffet with Marble Top

July 24, 2017
Baker Chippendale Side Chairs(SOLD)
 Leather Top Tables 76"x39"
 L-Shaped Desk with Hutch(SOLD)
 Single Pedestal Desk

June 23, 2017
 Pub Table with 2 Stools(SOLD)
 Drafting Table(SOLD)
 Plastic Stacking Chairs(SOLD)
 Wood Storage Credenza(SOLD)

June 22, 2017
 Wood Writing Desk(SOLD)
 Pub Table and 3Chairs(SOLD)
Traning Tables
 5Drs Vertical Files
 3Drs Files(2 left)(SOLD)
4Drs Hon Letter File
 Blue Print Cabinet(SOLD)
 Club Chair
 Side Chairs (4 like these)(SOLD)
 Floor Lamp (SOLD)
 2 Drs Wood Vertical File(SOLD)
 7FT Bookcases(SOLD)
 L-Shaped Reception Desk(SOLD)

June 15, 2017
 Wood 4Drs Lateral Files (SOLD)
 Wood Double Pedestal Desk(SOLD)
 Game/Patio Table with 3 Chairs(SOLD)
Beautiful 7Ft Racetrack Glass Table(SOLD)
 Desk with Hutch(SOLD)
 6Ft x3Ft Desk(SOLD)
 Bullet Table(SOLD)
June 13, 2017
Wood Wrap Around Desk with Hutches
 Wood Side chairs (6 like these)

 Coat Rack
 Floor Mats($10ea)
 New Desk Chair(SOLD)
 Folding Bookcase(SOLD)
                                                  SOLD                                          SOLD
 New Side Chairs(SOLD)
 New Small Chair
 Wood 2Drs Lateral File
 Side Chairs
Wire Drawers(SOLD)
 Metal 2Drs Lateral File(SOLD)
 Bulletin Boards
 Hooker Computer Desk with Hutch(SOLD)
Wood Lateral File/Storage Cabinet
 Wood 2Drs Lateral Files
 Wood Bookcases(SOLD)
 Metal Lateral Files (All Metal Files 50% Off)

 Wood Credenza(SOLD)

June 2, 2017
 Traditional Wood U-Shaped Desk
 Kimball L-Shaped Desk(SOLD)
 10 Ft Conference Table(SOLD)
 6Ft Work Table(SOLD)
 L-Shaped Desk with Hutch(SOLD)
 Student Chair (SOLD)
 Game Chairs (SOLD)
 Student Table (SOLD)
 2Dr Lateral File(SOLD)
 Library Table (SOLD)
 Small Computer Table(SOLD)

May 17, 2017
 Wood Credenzas 
 2Drs Metal Lateral Files ($50ea)
 Monitors (SOLD)
 Binding Machine
 Small Table(SOLD)
 Kimball 2Drs Wood Lateral Files
 2Drs Lateral Files with Hutch (SOLD)

May 12, 2017

 6Ft Work Table(SOLD)
 Kimball Wood Bookcases(SOLD)
 Mail Organizer(SOLD)
 3Drs Metal Cabinet(SOLD)
 L-Shaped Desk (SOLD)
 2Drs Lateral File with Glass Doors(SOLD)
Solid Wood (Canadian Made) U-Shaped Desk with Hutch (10 like this)

 Enclosed White Boards
 Kimball U-Shaped Desk (5 like this)
 Matching 2Drs Wood Lateral File
 Enclosed White Board(SOLD)
 Paoli Side Chairs (5 like these)
 Leather Top Round Table(SOLD)
 Reception Desk (SOLD)

May 3, 2017
 Kimball Side Chairs ($45ea)
 Kimball Side Chairs ($55ea)
 Standing Computer Cabinet on Wheels ($150)(SOLD)
 3Drs Wood File ($75)(SOLD)

 Kimball 4Drs Wood Lateral Files (SOLD)
 Kimball Wood Bookcases(SOLD)
 Kimball Sode Chairs ($55ea) (SOLD)
 Kimball Side Chairs($55ea)(SOLD)
 Black Side Chairs ($10ea)(SOLD)
 L-Shaped Desk with Hutch ($175)(SOLD)
 SteelCaseBullet Table with Extension ($150)(SOLD)
 8Ft Conference Table($295)

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