Mar 11, 2014

Spring Sale

March 31, 2014
 6Ft. Conference Table (SOLD)
(we also have an identical looking 8Ft Conference Table)
 4Ft. Round Wood Conference Table with Glass Top(SOLD)
 Reception Desk
 Matching 2 Drs Lateral Files(SOLD)
 5Drs. 30inches wide Lateral Files (3 like these)
Steelcase 4Drs Lateral Files $250-50%=$125

March 24, 2014
 Round Glass Table and Chairs
 42" Round Table(3 like this)
 National U-Shaped Desk and Matching 2Drs Lateral File
 Traditional Desk Chair
 Vintage Leather Side Chairs (3 like these)
 5Ft. Steelcase Desk and Matching Credenza (SOLD)
 Small End Table(SOLD)
 Small Conference Table
 8 Conference/Desk Chairs (SOLD)
 Desk Chairs(SOLD)
 Refrigerator in Excellent Condition (SOLD)
 30" Wide Hon 5Drs Lateral Files (3 like these)
 5Drs Legal Files
 Hon Metal Bookcase
 U-Shaped Desk(SOLD)
L-Shaped Traditional Desk(SOLD)

March 13, 2014
 Hon 4Drs. Letter Files(SOLD)
 2Drs Lateral File 30" Wide(SOLD)
 SteelCase Single Pedestal Desk
 Easel/White Board(SOLD)
 Work Table with Attached Hutch(75"W x 73"H)

March 11, 2014

 Traditional Wood L-Shaped Desk(SOLD)
 Hon 6Ftx3Ft Desk(SOLD)
 L-Shaped Reception Desk
 Hon Desk and Credenza Set(SOLD)
 Glass Computer Tables ($230-50%=$115)SOLD
 Kimball Credenza(SOLD)
 Bullet Table
 5Ft Desks
 Metal Desk
 Metal Filing Cabinets
 2&3Drs Cabinets
4Dr. Lateral Filing Cabinets
 2Drs. Lateral File (SOLD)
 4Ft Work Table (SOLD)
 Vintage Wood Desk
 Small Chairs(one left)
 Binding Machine and Overhead Projector(SOLD)
 5Ft Desk and Matching Credenza (SOLD)
 6Ft Conference Table
 8Ft. Conference Table(SOLD)
 U-Shaped desk
 U-Shaped Desk with 9Ft. Hutch(SOLD)
HON 6Ftx3Ft Hon Desk (SOLD)
 6Ftx3Ft Wood Desk(SOLD)
6Ft Desk with Matching Credenza and Hutch (SOLD)

Very Large Donations Arriving Daily

Due to the large quantity of furniture we are receiving  we've extended the  50% OFF All Items July 6, 2018  4Ft. Single...