Oct 1, 2014

Due to daily, very large donations
we are continuing the 50% OFF Sale

Oct 20, 2014
 Blue Side Chairs (4 like these)
 Small Computer Table
 Herman Miller Chairs
 Work Table
 2 Drs. Lateral File
 3Drs Rolling Cabinet
 6Ft. Desk and Matching Credenza with Hutch
 Side Chair
 Vintage Credenza

Oct 11, 2014

 7Ft x 3Ft Bookcase
 Art Work
 Enclosed White Boards
 Night Stand
 Reception Desk
 Work Table
 Wood Credenza
 Kimball Wood 2Drs File
 Mid Century Credenza
 2Drs and 3Drs Cabinets

Oct. 2, 2014
 Beautiful Paoli Reception Desk
 OFS Reception Desk and Matching Credenza
 Lego/Activity Table
 5Ft. Wood Bookcase (4 like this)
National 2Drs Wood Lateral File
 5Ft. Desk and Matching Credenza
 5Ft. Metal Desk (3 like this)
 Desk Chairs($50-50%=$25)
 6Ft. Wood Executive Desk

Oct. 1, 2014

Wood D.P. Desk
 Hon Double Pedestal Desk(SOLD)
 National Triumph Side Chairs
 6Ft. Desk and Matching Credenza with Hutch
 Kimball 2Drs. Wood Lateral File (2 like this)
 4Drs. Fire Proof Lateral File
 Metal 5Ft Table
 2Dr. Letter File
3Drs Letter File
 4Dr. Letter File
6Ft Desk
Kimball 6Ft. Desk